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Research and Design Initiatives

GreenKitchen is a sustainability concept helping consumers to ADAPT, REDUCE and RECYCLE. Through an integrated use of appliances, the concept takes its model from the cycle of nature, optimising the use of heat and water with processes that increase energy efficiency up to 70%.

GreenKitchen, Copenhagen, March 13th 2008

The concept focuses on four distinctive areas to achieve savings:


Average savings deriving from technological progress of future generation appliances are estimated at 16%.

Eco System

Average savings from a kitchen eco-system created to adapt, reduce and recycle water, heat and energy are estimated at 24%.


With co-generation, domestic electricity is generated via systems that produce both hot water and electricity at the same time. This avoids the waste and the low efficiency linked to 'grid' electricity, estimated at 50%. Home production systems have an average efficiency of 90%. Co-generation doesn't directly reduce the consumption of energy, but it is estimated to minimise cost by 20%.


The concept promotes and facilitates a sustainability culture, from the choice of high efficiency products, to selecting the correct cycles, temperatures and programmes. Average savings deriving from a change in consumer behaviour are estimated at 10%.

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